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This is a graphics community for a lovely bunch of icon-makers: actu, threeeyespei, looni_ma, midnighticons68, la_inspiracion, t00tsy, pale_ink, loudlunacy, casettes and navi_glow. Membership is closed for a reason, so if you'd like to watch the community, please friend us.

The Makers

· t00tsy

· la_inspiracion

· navi_glow

· threeeyespei

· casettes

· loudlunacy

· midnighticons68

· looni_ma

· pale_ink

· actu

Note: The makers originally post their graphics in their LJ's except casettes who posts at her graphics community lasirius and navi_glow who posts at tralala_icons.

Each icon-maker will have their own rules, but in general please don't steal or hotlink. Credit is usually a must and don't forget to comment if you take anything! If you have any problems with the community or any queries just get in touch with the creater- navi_glow by commenting to any of my posts or send me an LJ messege :)


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